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Anonymous asked: So that means there's a slim chance of getting hired if you're older than 18? That's some bullshit.

no not at all. plenty of models in their mid 20s peak and get more work than the younger ones e.g. lui wen, magda f, joan smalls x x 

Anonymous asked: regardless of how many models make more than Cara, I think she's the most widely recognized. like, ppl who know nothing about fashion know who she is and she has a large fan base bc she's she makes weird faces and eats junk food

hahaa, well probs more reasons for that she has a large fan base x x 

Anonymous asked: Adam and Behati looked perfect at the EMMY awards!

had v similar, lots of people saying this :) x x 

Anonymous asked: Is there a way to block all cara delevingne-related material from my instagram/twitter/tumblr/life??

you can get an app (I believe it is called tumblr saviour) where you can block anything tagged with her name (or any other tag you wish) from showing up on your dashboard. idk if this was meant to be rhetorical or a confession, but if it’s a legit question, that’s one way to do it I know of :) hope that helps -jas x x  

Anonymous asked: That confession about cara spending her money on "trainers" or whatever and jourdan being better was disgusting! First off, it's caras choice what SHE wants to do with HER millions of dollars, not YOURS you ignorant confessor! It's Cara's HARD EARNT money and you are in NO place to judge her. The hatred towards her has got to stop! Fair enough you don't like her, but quit judging her and talking shit 24/7. It's pathetic as! /// confession xx

((sorry I know this was meant to be confession. but basically the original confessor I think what they were most concerned about was that cara was gonna spend it on drugs. I omitted that from the confession cos obvs drugs accusations are serious shiz (even if there is prior evidence). I just wanted to add that, because I think that’s what the original confessor would want you to know that part, and it isn’t ignorant to be concerned that somebody would be putting money into the drug industry when it concerns us all. but yeah just to add, even though I agree with you in parts. — *dont shoot the messager* :) hehe ))