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Anonymous asked: Kate had such a nice voice when she was younger, before all her smoking took effect

Anonymous asked: conf: The only model "comebacks" from this past season that I liked were Abbey Lee, Vlada, and Snejana. Snejana looked boss, Vlada looked as perfectly imperfect as usual, and Abbey Lee just killed it. Gemma disappointed me though; I wish she had taken one more season off. A spring comeback would've fit her look better. And Daphne is always boring; I never understood her appeal in the first place, so her comeback was "meh" to me. OH but Antonina V. LOVE love loved seeing her back in the game too.

Anonymous asked: Wait you know some of the same people as Paige Riefler? How!!!!

mutual friends, that’s all. i never met her or anything. she seems very sweet though!

xx gabs.

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theblogofaudrey asked: I seen that you were doing VSFS predictions and I think (& hope) that Little Mix will get to perform since their song has been in an ad and another song in last years bio about Candace. Also they're from the UK and are super "girl power". I really hope they get to!!

VSFS2014 predictions.

Anonymous asked: Candice had a nose job btw It's very subtle

some people have been saying this but it’s never been confirmed. I’m not sure if she did or didn’t. you can’t drastically alter parts of your face with make up today. and also when you lose weight, your face does slim out and features do chance a bit. but once again, she may got work done. only candice knows! she’s still a babe either way.

xx gabs.

Anonymous asked: Do you know who's Paige reifler? If so what are your thoughts on her

I know who she is! I think she’s super pretty and I follow her on Instagram. we know some of the same people. she isn’t a bad model at all, from her work so far it’s pretty great!

xx gabs.

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