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Anonymous asked: I've noticed most models wear their hair in a center part, do you think it really matters? like, if a model just looked better with a side part would that still be fine?

I think most models wear their hair in a side part because it’s the simpliest style and when they go to castings they need to show that their hair is not cut in a special way or shaped, and can be reworked and is ready to be styled basically. also centre parting highlights their extremely symetrical faces. I think some models do have a side part or sometimes have a side part. I think it’s fine as long as it’s not cut to be fixed in that way and can be changed into a centre parting without the haircut being wonky :) -jas x x 

Anonymous asked: I just went through all your cara confessions.. Most of them are the nicest I've ever seen about her. I like how you post nice things about her. I see you also wrote heaps of times that you like her loads and you think she's gorgeous. I really hope your opinion hadn't changed because how much nice things you said about her made me love her even more. Most people on here don't like her, but seeing you like her because your blog has a lot of power makes a difference! Do you still love her?

wait what?? All the confessions we make aren’t our (the mods) personal views, and as far as I know, none of us 5 mods actually particularly like her as a model (but we don’t hate her as much as some people do), in fact I have personally gone through stages of really disliking her and discounting her as a ‘proper model’ but now I’ve just given up disliking her, cos realized there’s no point. So yeah, I’m just neutral about her now tbh. But yeah us mods I dont think any of us like her as a model, but we can admit the good things about her, and none of us are hateful enough to say we hate her or say too bad things about her. as for the confessions, yeah we’ll make the good and bad ones (providing they don’t break the rules type-of-bad) about her, so you’ll find a mix of opinions about her on this blog! :) Me, personally, yeah I can see both sides of her: the good and the bad things about her, but dislike some of the intense hate she gets I guess.. like some of it on other blogs I’ve seen is just too far so you wont find that here I hope…but yeah to answer your Q, I dont still love her cos I never loved her :P -jas x x 

Anonymous asked: I think people need to stop freaking out about the Forbes list. Chill out. Just because a model made more money doesn't mean that they're better. It just means that they were paid more, and sometimes, it has nothing to do with talent. Also, commercial works pays way more then HF. This needs to be repeated till people can understand. That's why you have models like Karlie who are everywhere in HF but still end up earning less than models who aren't as visible. Commercial pays more

Anonymous asked: The reason confession blogs have majority confessions about white models is because majority of the models are white. There aren't enough models of color to talk about unfortunately so people will talk about the ones who are the most visible. This is a case of number of models who are white vs. people of color, and it's just a coincidence. It's not a case of racism. I wish there are more models of color to talk about, but that is not a reality right now, sadly

yep it’s true. there are hardly any black models on the runway for people to confess about!! — it’s like you actually have to search to discover all the non-white talented models, meanwhile white but non-talented ones are shoved in our faces. sigh -jas x x