Anonymous asked: And a tall model can wear more 'weird' or 'couture' stuff than a short models. They simply have more options while the short girl has to play it a little bit safer. (3)

i see your point. but the thing is we dont have any short models in HF to make this comparison on. like we need to see some shorter models in these HF outfits first before dismissing them. cos apart from kate moss and cara and barb well we havent really.. and kate Moss has rocked some pretty weird HF outfits and made them look good imo xx

Anonymous asked: Compulsory. The income that comes directly of the clothes sold off the runway is nos essential. The show is merely a tool of marketing in this world. Again, you need to make it big, loud, out of this world, you have to make a stamement. (2)

Anonymous asked: The crucial point about tall models is the range.A taller frame gives the freedom to be more playful (specially in haute couture). You're making a show of outrageuos costumes, impossible for the normal girl to pull them off.A killer tall frame is (1)

Anonymous asked: I'm 13 nearly 14 and I'm 5'8 do u think I could grow some more or not

we’re not health specialists or doctors, sorry x

Anonymous asked: I don't agree with the anon... Not every single person in the world has the body of Karlie Kloss or Candice Swanepoel. I feel like they should have diversity in the fashion world, or at least have some shorter models in the shows too. I feel like short models can model clothes just as well as tall models; but it depends on the model. Thanks for listeninggg :)

yeah same. but the thing is is the reason the industry has tall models is so they can alienate normal people. they wanna make it exclusive and unacessanble, and be all  ’you cant sit with us!’. its horrid how elitist some designers are, i agree with cha xxx

Anonymous asked: I believe that only tall people (unless you're like Kate Moss) should do Hf work and walk on the runways. The shorter ones should stay at the commercial side. Why? Simply because tall frames shows off the clothes better, they look more elegance and they move better at the runway. Also they have incredible long, lean legs, which I think, is a must if you want to become a model.

i mean this is the common opinion in the fashion world ^^^ but personally i dont think tall frames show off the clothers better, only long gowns maybe, but like most outfits its just a myth. and an in proportion shorter girl with a killer walk and long legs can do ti just as good. but hey ho, i know what you mean, i just do think its a bit of a myth and if we actually had more 5’5 models to compare it with people would see maybe that it wasnt the case and the short girls can move in exactly the same way, and elegance isnt anything to do with height but more about personality and confidence but yah just my opinion, i respect yours though :) xx

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Anonymous asked: I submitted the Irina, Adriana confession. Why do you think plastic and older are insulting? I said she looks older than her(to me she does) and more plastic meaning had more work done which Irina really has?

aha well put it this way, if someone said ‘hey that girl over there looks like a younger, less-plastic version of ___[your name]’. irina isnt older and i cant comment on the work shes had done, but yeah older and plastic generalyl are considered insults, sorry, i know it wasnt that bad and i diont think you’re bad for saying it or thinking it, but i just couldnt make it into a confession cos if irina did see it her feelings would be hurt if those two other words had been including. xxx

Anonymous asked: Why is it that being tall is a sign of beauty, or is it more of a photography thing? Some of the most beautiful girls i've ever met have been 5'6. This irks me because theres this stigma around models being more attractive than everyone else and its kind of true, but your height doesn't instantly make you attractive! Sorry rant, I know thats how it is I just dont get why.

its not that being tall is a sign of beauty. it was traditionally thought that clothes hang better or look better on tall frames and since models have to sell clothes they were chosen to be tall. but now actually this is kinda been falsified with shorter models showing that clothes can look just as good on the runway on them. but also i think tall models were chosen because someone who is tall is more noticable? like striking and well there are not many women around the height of 5’10” and fashion is elitist, i guess designers and the pioneers of the industry didnt want the models to be relatable to the average masses or w/e. yeah its not that theyre more beautiful or attractive, but taller models were instigated in the fashion industry for the reasons ive mentioned. but a lot of people dont believe that anymore xx