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Anonymous asked: While I will agree that Barbara P. is a great role model body image wise for the industry, I just cannot accept her as HF. It's not her body, it's her face. It is way to commercial for me. Everytime she does the blank-stare mouth half open face, I just see a 13 hr old girl trying to look sexy for the captain of the football team.

Anonymous asked: just to clarify, barbara is an editorial model, not hf. she used to be a hf model, but now i think she's too big for that. *not saying she's overweight, but you get me, right, for hf. i like her tho

Anonymous asked: I agree most people don't care about who the model is that selling the clothing or makeup whatever some do but not most. Most people are looking at the priced

Anonymous asked: Please tell me in which way Barbara is a HF model anon?

Anonymous asked: (To anon saying peps don't care about the models) That's really not true, you do actually (no matter if you're thinking of it or not) gets affected by the model. If you don't like the model who's wearing the skirt you'll probably not like the skirt either. This is proven so actually, the model DOES matter

Anonymous asked: branding does influence everything. i used to buy products from l'oreal bc barbara was modelling for them and i bought multiple vogue issues (even tho vogue is basic af) bc cars was in them. and yes my fave models have definitely changed, but the model in the campaign matters.