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Anonymous asked: That naomi and Kate liking cara was a confession... Please don't respond to it.

ah im so sorry. i thought it was a respnse to another confessions, didnt realize. soz anon :( x x 

Anonymous asked: Besides Andreea Diaconu, can you name some other current models with really great walks? Love your blog! 😘

naomi campbell, natasha poly, vlada R, gisele, Tanya D, karlie kloss,  x x 

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Anonymous asked: People only say that Kendall's mom pays for love magazine because they need to justify someone actually liking her. There's literally no proof of that and almost every rumor about that has been started by people on tumblr. I'm no fan of Kendall, but give it a rest. She's not that unlikeable and her mom doesn't have that much power like you guys believe (though I'm sure she'd love to).