Anonymous asked: Everyone loves/envies a skinny girl. Admit it.

I thought this way for years. Yesterday I vomitted blood and lost a tooth…. sorry but yes as a society we envy skinny girls, and it’s kind of a problem, it can lead to what is happening to me currently (an ED). we all envy skinny girls yes, but we shouldn’t, it does need to change… sorry just my opinion, something i feel strongly about. i think saying ‘everyone loves a skinny girl’ can be quite damaging. no hate, but please think of the effect a casual comment like this can have on us all -jas x x

Anonymous asked: The new mdc rankings is very surprising but also intriguing and very well thought out. I like the concept if "the new supers" and "legends" I think it's a really smart way to organize it. I disagree with some of the rankings and placements but all around it makes more sense

Anonymous asked: I follow many confession blogs, but this the only one I confess to.


Anonymous asked: I don't know what's worse, Cara and Kate Upton on new supers list, or Francisko L and Yuri P on the male icons list.

Anonymous asked: It seems like MDC put anyone on the list who is popular either by who they dated or how much they got talked about. But I cannot get mad at designer for doing such a thing because they need to sell clothes and Sasha Luss is not going to get the job done, but Cara and Upton will. Yes I know Sasha L is the better model, but Cara's name is more known

Anonymous asked: Bella Hadid > Gigi Hadid

we’ve made this before, sawree x x

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