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Anonymous asked: I think there are pretty actors that might qualify for the odd modelling jobs but I think one of the things I've noticed that defines the difference between pretty actors and models is what they look like without makeup! Look at mila kunis without makeup and then look at magda or tonya or even cara without makeup. There is a colossal difference

omg like I know what you mean, but then at the same time I’ve heard from accounts of people that have actually met models they’ve all said that without make-up and all the smoke and mirrors they look like ordinary people and actually look quite bad in real life and nothing special.

also when you look at these pics of magda and cara without make-up, you see not everyone can look amazing all the time.


I know what you mean though, like tonya 100% looks flawless without it, cant even find any bad pictures of her whatsoever. lol x x x 

Anonymous asked: Forbes counts in everything they earn. Even from business. Otherwhise giselles income would not be that high for example

ty x x x 

Anonymous asked: Hi Jas I just wanted to say I appreciate you very much because your always open to hear others opinions and your not stubborn however you have morals and aren't one to be pushed around, I love that!! Btw I LOVE your blog I visit 5x a day it's Amazin

You genuinely have no idea how much I appreiciate you saying this. atm when I’m getting hate that’s personal, when people are going round omegle pretending to be me. It made me consider leaving the blog, because aint nobody got time for that. But then I get messages like this and it makes me realize I’ll never leave, ha like seriously, things are bizzare with the blog atm, but we’ll push through it. and I absolutely adore doing this blog cos I get to chat to people like you and this right here is exactly why I do it. thankyou for visiting the blog, our blog would be nothing without y’all <3 -jas x x